On impact research

By early 2022 we delivered a working paper entitled Development of a framework to analyze the impacts of Technology-Based Programs for Migrants’ Resilience. It is available from InZone, a “programme of the University of Geneva which pioneers innovative approaches to higher education in communities affected by conflict and humanitarian crisis. The ultimate goal is to empower people on the move stranded in transit countries“.

Quote “This report discusses research design and methodological issues of implementation and impact research, in particular studying the impact of humanitarian fab labs and similar programs. We aim to raise
issues that any research or evaluation design has to make explicit and address, we suggest a few research directions to take, research designs and methodologies to adopt, and we identify important decisions that
have to be made.

Flowchart model for impact research

Upcycling clothes with emoji embroidery

In november 2021, Daniel K. Schneider organized in collaboration with FacLab UniGE an event on upcycling clothes with an emoji.

We created and stitched about 20 designs for 16 participants. Only 4 participants asked to upcycle, but all expressed a future interest in saving their textiles through embroidery.

Participants were pleased with the results and most also expressed a desire to learn more. Selection, scanning, testing, redesigning, and final embroidery take about an hour if the emoji is simple. The open source fonts twemoji and noto are particularly suitable. We now have a collection of nearly designs and have shared them with a Creative Commons BY-SA license, i.e. people can download a design and reused it for commercial purposes, under the condition replicate the license. More information is available in the Emoji Embroidery Project Page. The list of currently available embroidery designs is available here.

Digitizing in progress with three participants
Some results.

If there is interest, we can organize an embroidery digitizing and upcycling event for you.